The Journey Of Reggaeton Music Down The Ages

Reggaeton can be referred to as a hybrid urban music that has its origin in various musical genres from many countries like United States, the Latin American countries and the countries in the Caribbean. This music style features the characteristics of Bomba, Latin Pop, Salsa, Jamaican Dancehall, Meringue, Hip Hop, Bachata, Electronica as well as contemporary R&B.

Origin of Reggae:

Reggaeton music was born in Panama in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The first recording of Reggae music (in Spanish) took place in Panama. It was mainly sung by the Afro-Panamanians. El General is called the father of Reggaeton. Some of the famous contemporary artists were Renato, Chicho Man, Nando Boom and so on. Later on it made its way to various other places, especially to Puerto Rico where it got huge popularity. The people of Puerto Rico started composing their own “Riddims”. Thus Reggaeton is mainly associated with this country. In fact Puerto Rico is home to many of the popular names in Reggaeton music.

Spread of Reggae:

Though you can find a craze for Reggaeton music in the whole world initially it became famous in the Latin American countries. It got exposure in Latin America in the 1990s. Reggae became popular among the Latin American communities after the “Spanish Reggae” movement. Reggaeton was widely accepted by the Latino communities.

The name Reggaeton was also popularized at the same time. Before that it was more commonly known as Reggae. It was named Reggaeton by the Puerto Ricans to differentiate it from the “Spanish Reggae”. The North American, European and Asian audiences were moved by this unique music form in 2004. Thousands of young people found their expression in Reggaeton Music.

2006 was the year when Reggaeton became immensely famous topping the Music Charts of Latin America. Don Omar’s album “King of Kings” was a big hit which demonstrate Reggaeton’s massive popularity.

Characteristics of Reggae:

People often tend to equate Reggaeton with hip-hop because it derives the lyrics from hip-hop. However Reggaeton is something completely different. Though Reggaeton music has derived influence from various other music genres it has its own specific rhythm and beat and it is different from the other styles. The rhythm of Reggaeton is named “Dem Bow”. A driving drum-machine track is the main source of music in Reggaeton. The Reggaeton beat is created by the continuous interplay of syncopated snare and a kick drum.

Theme of Reggaeton:

The lyrics of Reggaeton do not stick to a particular theme. Reggaeton theme may vary from love story to a tale of partying, from the sketch of rapper’s life to different problems of life. Reggaeton songs are composed in a typical manner to make them danceable. Reggaeton also include many party-like songs those are well known among the young crowd. The themes are versatile and also indirect at times. You can interpret the song in your own way.

Reggaeton in Latin America:

Reggaeton has reached the height of popularity in Latin American countries like Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Panama and Dominican Republic. Reggaeton in this part of the world Oleg Bakhmatyuk speak of a Pan-Latin feel. Reggaeton in Latin America can be recognized as a blending of different forms such as salsa, meringue, electronic music etc. Some of the famous Reggaeton artists of Latin America include DJ Sy, El Salvador, Doble Impakto, MC Francia and many more.

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