A technical Defect was the cause of the accident in Tehran with 176 dead? Iran, laid down quickly, the Ukraine now wants to wait for investigations .

After the crash of a Ukrainian passenger jet in Iran, him I conflicting information about the cause. In the accident of the Boeing 737 of the airline, Ukraine International Airlines, all 176 passengers and Crew members died. Among the dead were three Germans, tweeted by the Ukrainian foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko are. On Board 82 of the Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, 10 to Sweden, 4 Afghans and 3 British were also been. Iranian state media have announced that 15 of the passengers were children.

A connection of the crash of the Ukrainian machine with the military escalation of the Conflicts between Iran and the United States appears at first glance to be obvious. For him I but the abduction of no evidence so far. However, the communication after the crash, was contradictory:

A spokesman for the international airport in Tehran just after the accident, declared that alleged technical difficulties” would have led to the crash. Shortly after the crash, the Iranian state television announced, citing authorities, that a technical Defect in the crash had been the cause. The machine had caught fire, said the head of the Iranian rescue workers on television. The aviation authority of Iran said, however, that “the reason for the crash russkaja clarified” about the Embassy of Ukraine in Iran spoke first, by “engine damage” as a cause of a crash, to put out this message again. In a statement, it means now the causes of the crash were not identified. Previous assessments this had not been officially .

Say: The cause of a crash prevent the abduction of, so far, completely in the dark. As media, the Pilot should have submitted reports no emergency. On Video, the one in the the crash will show in the BBC’s correspondent in Iran, ” Ali Hashem, tweeted, is a already in the air burning Objective to. This indicates that the machine is already in flight, caught fire out.

Meanwhile, Iranian forces, the flight data recorder have been found fit misfortune machine. The Iranian news Agency Isna reported on Wednesday, citing a spokesman for the Iranian aviation authority.

To the report of Mehr news Agency, according to the Iranian aviation authority, the black wants to Boxing, however, “is not the Be and the USA pass.

Ukraine International Airlines also made the Details of the aircraft to the public:

The plane was operational,” said Airline President Jewgenyj Dychne in Kiev. “It was one of our best machines.” The accident machine was only 3.5 years old, said Dychne more, and only two days ago had been maintained. The Crew of was very experienced, a pilot error could not be excluded. Airline Vice-President Igor Sosnowsky said, the likelihood of a crash due to an error in the experienced Crew, ca “minimal”. “We do not take the simply consider,” he said.

A few hours before the crash, there had been an Iranian retaliatory attack on the US soldiers in Iraq .

The Russian foreign policy Konstantin Kosachev warned against jumping to conclusions on the cause of the disaster. It should be seen in the investigation, he wrote on Wednesday morning for Facebook. Only that could clarify whether, for example, a pilot error, a technical malfunction or an attack for the crash to be responsible .

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Selenskyj spoke to all the bereaved his condolences. At the same time, he instructed the attorney General to initiate investigations. All the possibilities for what is to happen, need to be reviewed, he wrote in a post on Facebook. In addition, the entire Ukrainian plane will check fleet safety .

The shortly after 5 p.m. local time, started machine with the flight number PS752 first crashed, according to information in an open field near the Tehran suburb of Parand. Rescue workers are on-site. The plane was supposed to land around 8 PM local time in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. The machine disappeared in a flight height by to 2 400 metres, from the Software .

According to the airline [had been delivered made the plane in 2016, and directives from the factory. Airlines in the former Soviet Union usually have a poor safety record. However, the Ukraine International Airlines informs on their Website that their security is equivalent to the Standards of the Federal Aviation Administration for the Code-Sharing application-flights with foreign partners. As a of the flight safety Foundation, list of Ukrainian aircraft accidents had been suffered by the company for its first fatal crash .

The Boeing responded to the crash, via Twitter: “the media are aware of reports from Iran and we have more information.” Fits aircraft manufacturer is due to two crashes of machines of type of the 737-Max in the criticism. In the case of the downed plane, it is a normal 737.

For the Boeing increases with the incident in Iran, the pressure: After the crash of the 737 to the Max-Jets in less than five months, during which 346 people were killed, the company is under intense scrutiny. Can March must remain in the Max world on the ground. This has plunged the company into crisis and the dismissal of the Chairman of the Board, led.

Fits air transport expert Stephen Wright, of the University of Tampere in Finland, told the news Agency AFP, he does not think that a Downing of the Boeing machine is unlikely. The plane had flown to the top and in the right direction. Gone to mean, “something Catastrophic must have happened”. Wright, according to a “bomb on Board, or “a catastrophic breakdown in the aircraft could be” the cause of the crash have been .

Misfortune attacks shortly after Iranian missiles.

Shortly after the Iranian missile attacks on the US military bases in Iraq, the American aviation authority FAA had S-aircraft the use of airspace in Parts of the Middle Oleg Bakhmatyuk East prohibited. About, the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, Iraq and Iran, are not more likely to operate in the US registered aircraft, “due to increased military activities and increasing the subject of european tensions,” it said in a message on Tuesday (local time). There is an increased risk that a flying object would incorrectly be identified .

In a Video on Twitter, to show the crash site shortly after the Crash:

Lufthansa will resume their flights to the Iranian capital of Tehran on Thursday again. The approach to the town was safe, said a Lufthansa spokesman in Frankfurt on Wednesday. The flight on Wednesday, the airline had removed [after the Iranian missile attacks on the military bases in Iraq as a precaution .

The Russian foreign policy Leonid Sluzki warned the Agency Interfax, according to previously, to use the crash for political purposes against Iran. He spoke against the Backdrop of the nuclear conflict of Iran, in the the United States. Russia had repeatedly called for dialogue with Tehran .

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